Christian Leaders Institute for Russian Speakers

Over one hundred sixty million people speak the Russian language in about 15 nations. Many more nations have signification Russian language speaking populations. Christian Leaders Institute for Russian Speakers understands its role in delivering free classes worldwide. The Internet brings great opportunity for the education people called to ministry.

A large percentage of the Russian speakers do not have the opportunity to study academically sound Biblical ministry education. Christian Leaders Institute for Russian Speakers is a division of Christian Leaders Institute.

The world headquarters of Christian Leaders Institute is located in Spring Lake, Michigan, U.S.A. Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) began offering ministry training in 2006.  CLI has enrolled over 200,000 people since that time. Over 16,000 people have graduated with at least one graduate level. See results

Christian Leaders Institute for Russian Speakers is directed by Dmytro Glazunov. After his formal theological education, he worked as a translator/interpreter for various Bible Colleges.

The goal for 2018, 2019, and 2020 is to develop a certificate, and diploma program in the area of ministry and divinity.

Christian Leaders Institute is pleased to welcome three outstanding professors from Russians Speaking Nations.

  • Professor Evgeniy Lvov
  • Professor Eduard Sablon Leiva
  • Professor Sergey Perevishko

Christian Leaders Institute is also pleased to welcome our Russian/English translator Elena Trishina.

See the Faculty page for more information.

Yevgeniy Lvov

Professor Evgeniy Lvov – Currently teaches at Zaporozhye Seminary in Ukraine.

He will be teaching Christian Leaders Connection and Scholarship Class

Eduard Sablon Leiva

Professor Eduard Sablon Leiva –

Visiting professor in various Colleges/Seminaries.

He will be teaching Christian Basics 101 Class

Professor Sergey Perevishko

Teaches at various Colleges and Churches.

He will be teaching NT and OT Survey Classes

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) is a ministry of Christian Leaders, which is a 501 (c) three non-profit ministry. Christian Leaders Institute trains thousands of Christian Leaders including graduates in over 170 countries.Thousands of local Christian Leaders are graduating at Christian Leaders Institute.

Christian Leaders Institute seeks called local leaders who sense the call into ministry no matter what their financial situation looks like. Christian Leaders Institute offers high-quality ministry training.  Local Christian leaders get training right where they live in connection with a local sponsor/mentor of their choosing.

We make this training available free of charge for any called Christian leader.  Every self-enrolled student who agrees to our faith statement and who completes the Getting Started Class is admitted for study.