Russian Christian Leaders Institute Faculty
It is our pleasure to seek out and welcome our Russian Professors, who are committed to:

Training that is appropriate for most religious traditions
Biblically based
Practical ministry focus
Academic Excellence

Professors will be creating outline courses, lectures, and quizzes.

Students will be evaluated and their grades will be recorded. Christian Leaders Institute uses cutting-edge PHP code to keep track of everyone progress.

Throughout 2018, our director and professors are working hard to launch the first certificate level studies.

Russian Christian Leaders Institute Faculty is dedicated to raising up those who will share the light of Christ!

Сергей Анатольевич Перевышко

Sergey Perevishko

Эдуард Саблон Лейва

Eduard Sablon Leiva

Львов Евгений Олегович

Yevgeniy Lvov